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lily collinsmy perfect princessdamnthat dress tho


went to an American restaurant today!!!! ‘ello mate!!!!!! put forks in my hair to show my love for these Westerners’ food!!! Haha!!!!! Ha!!!! Ha!!! Ha!!! Ha  !

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f: you’re just going to spend your life hiding down here in this cave waiting to die? i’m sorry. i’m not going to wait with you.

o: john…
I   D O N ’ T   W A N N A   D I E   D O W N   H E R E
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about me

Where would we walk? Where would we run? If we could stay all day in the sun? Just you and me, and I could be part of your world.

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the little mermaiddisney



ppl from california who never stop talking about california…..and in n out burger….and weed…..and the beach……….speed up those tectonic plates and just become an island already….no one cares


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You think carefully. Everything after this moment will not only determine your career but life. You can spend it in a corporate office drafting contracts and hitting on chubby paralegals before finally putting a gun in your mouth, or you can join my firm and become someone you actually like. So decide. Do you want the job or not?”

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The worst feeling ever is like, “well I’m really fucking used to this happening but it still really fucking hurt”

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about me


favourite movies meme-  Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.(Inception 2010)

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